IWCT ‘friendship and support’ of members during the Crisis 2020.
IWCT club has been enterprising and launched successful online events during the crisis period, so that we can connect with as many people as possible, and keep the spirit of friendship and support high. We achieved this through WhatsApp Forum, closed Facebook page, Zoom fitness, coffee morning’s, afternoon ‘Quaran- tea’, cocktail evenings,  kids hour and online English learning courses. We also held a ‘General Meeting’ picture below!

IWCT Charity fund update ‘Crisis May 2020’ 
IWCT received a video message from the Director of the Kopli Children’s Lighthouse Centre, expressing a very special thanks for the hard work IWCT carried out fundraising at our annual International Christmas Bazaar, this meant families in need in our community could receive hot food during the crisis.
IWCT Charity fund update ‘Crisis April 2020’  
Our club has been actively helping our charity partners since the beginning of the crisis. One of the first to receive our support was the IWCT ‘God family’ at Keila SOS Children’s Village. IWCT Charity liaison Karin (with the support of members) reached out with the understanding that now Keila SOS children are home schooling,  more food is needed each week. Keila SOS has been an annual IWCT recipient of funding since 2008.  IWCT also supports 12 other institutions throughout the year.

Delivery of food to SOS Keila during Crisis 2020