Christmas Bazaar 2006

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3RD, 2006, Domina Ilmarine Hotel on Pohja pst.
By Cecile Delacour

Last December, following a few months of hectic planning, meetings, and sleepless nights, a new IWCT tradition was born: our first annual Christmas Bazaar.

The Hotel Domina Ilmarine opened its doors at 10.00 am for the Bazaar On December 3nd. The day before a group of dedicated volunteers (Leni van der Meer, Karin Andersen, Maarit Kuusijärvi, Maimu Nõmmik, Monica Sobieraj, Mari Lindsaar and her husband Indrek, Tatiana Runge and myself ) decorated and set up the lobby of the hotel for the event. The next day, Sunday morning, the participants and volunteers from the club arrived early to set up their tables. Participant Livia Piaggesi from the Italian Embassy displayed delicious morsels, most of them she had made herself. The Polish Embassy sold items from Poland, and there were several other paid for tables including one the Silk House with fabulous silk items, organic handmade soaps from Karma Soaps plus a several others.

The IWCT was also well represented: Monica Sobieraj sold cookies and cakes baked by many of our members (thanks again to all the helpers); Karin Andersen and one of her friend were in charge of jams and preserves (huge success); Mari Lindsaar sold posters and IWCT calenders; Hillary Bird sold pre-loved books and magazines donated by members; and I sold Christmas cards and decorations made by some of our members (thanks also to all the contributors).

Of course what is a Christmas Bazaar without a Santa? Ours, (I have been told that Santa’s real name is Indrek Lindsaar) did a very good job! Shoppers were entertained by our very special guests, the children’s choir of Väikemõisa chaperoned by a few of their teachers. They performed two very nice concerts, more of a musical actually, with Santa’s little helpers.

We are ready to do this over in 2007. The Christmas Bazaar allowed us to raise 33.000 EEK for the children’s home, which is really good. It was a lot of work but it was extremely fun and rewarding. See you all in December 2007!!!

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