AGM 2021 IWCT    

Social Events

At least three events per month, including our monthly coffee morning on the first Wednesday of each month. Invitations/announcements will be sent via email to all members by the Social Events Coordinators. Although guests are welcome at most events, please note that members have priority if the number of participants is restricted. The events are published on our open & closed Facebook page. The closed Facebook page is, due to privacy matters, for members only. We also have an open Facebook page: International Women’s Club of Tallinn.

If you want to find out more about the events or activity groups; please write to

If you are a member, please access the member list for contact information.

Walking club Tuesday 8.30 am – Pirita area

Swimming Monday’s 13.30 – 14.30 If you would like more information about swimming (lessons for adults and/or children)

Pilates – At a fee, depending on the number of participants.

Baby & Kiddies Group – Bi monthly activity.

Informal monthly coffee – Once a month there is an informal coffee at a ‘kohvik’ somewhere in Tallinn. You will be informed by mail about the date & location, no need to sign up, just join.

Ladies lunch – Once a month there is a fun lunch gathering somewhere in Tallinn.

Cocktail Time – Last Thursday each month, from 19.00 to 21.00 – discovering cocktail bars in Tallinn.

Monthly excursions – Join us for tours, crafts, presentations and networking.

Members of the IWCT have the first right to join the groups. However, friends and acquaintances are also welcome, spaces permitted. Please get in touch with us via


The club offers a variety of activity groups. Activity groups are for members only with the exception of the Book Club, Baby & Kiddies Group and Pilates. It is a good way to meet members in small groups.


For 29 years the International Women’s Club of Tallinn has been right at the heart of the Estonian community. Working with and financially supporting (through fundraising) the most needy and vulnerable in society. We are 70 international volunteers from 30 countries committed to nominated charities including SOS Kelia, Lasnamäe children’s home and Kopli Lastekeskus Tähetorn to name a few. This significant work cannot happen without the help and assistance of our supporters and sponsors. We are in challenging times and realising the same fundraising commitment to our charities is a difficult task, one we will embrace. That is why this year our take on the long established International Christmas bazaar will change slightly. Our volunteers are motivated and ready to adapt, we are focusing on primarily the most in need of protection (financially) to survive 2021. It may not be obvious the needs of the underprivileged in our society, however, we can tell you that the fundraising last year meant families in need in our charities could receive hot food to their homes during the crisis 2020/2021, children being home schooled received food and education supplies each week to supplement what they would normally have received in school. This IWCT could achieve, these are the things that matter the most. We really have no idea how the crisis will affect this generation of vulnerable children, but we will not stand by and do nothing. IWCT is there to distribute care and support but we can only do this with your help. We raise funds for Estonian charities: focusing on (but not restricted to) children’s and women’s charities such as children’s homes, shelters, etc., in accordance with our Charity Policy.