Social Events

At least three events per month, including our monthly coffee morning on the first Wednesday of each month. Invitations/announcements will be sent via email to all members by the Social Events Coordinators. Although guests are welcome at most events, please note that members have priority if the number of participants is restricted. The events are published on our open & closed Facebook page. The closed Facebook page is, due to privacy matters, for members only. We also have an open Facebook page: International Women’s Club of Tallinn.

If you want to find out more about the events or activity groups, please write to

Informal monthly coffee – once a month there is an informal coffee at a ‘kohvik’ somewhere in Tallinn. You will be informed by mail about the date & location, no need to sign up, just join.

Ladies lunch – once a month there is a fun lunch gathering somewhere in Tallinn.

Bar night with partners and friends – last Thursday of each month from 19.00 to 21.00.

Members of the IWCT have the first right to join the groups. However, friends and acquaintances are also welcome, spaces permitted. 

Please get in touch with us via