Our Charity Partners

Keila SOS Village

SOS Kelia ‘God family’ received 15,000 euro from IWCT to cover their annual budget.

  • IWCT SOS-Godfamily consists of 3 children + “Mother” (and an “Aunt”).
  • 24 hour care
  • Provides an environment where children can resume a normal life, hobbies education etc
  • Families all live in separate houses, but close together
  • Community support is felt at every step


IWCT has been supporting our SOS Keila Village god family since 2008. In April 2022, the SOS Keila god family was the charity of the month and members donated food, socks and underwear.



Peeteli Kiriku Sotsiaalkeskus received Є3373 to cover the annual cost of an educational summer-camp.

  • The center is open 24/7
  • 135 + disadvantaged families with children on regular support
  • Provides children with daily meals, a hot shower and help with school work
  • 20 children from Kopli area in Tallinn sleep at the center during weekdays
  • The center runs purely on donations, dependent on permanent donors, supplemented by sporadic donations


IWCT has supported Peeteli Kiriku Sotsiaalkeskus since 2008. It was IWCT’s charity of the month in January 2022, and members brought along blankets.


Haiba Children’s Home

Haiba Children’s Home received €2,500 for furniture and field trips. Haiba Children’s Home has been in operation since 1999.

  • Supports 5 “families” of 6 children
  • Children live in Haiba Orphanage from birth until 18 years of age or graduation
  • Children are provided with 24-hour supervision and an adult presence


IWCT has been supporting Haiba Children’s Home since 2013, and it was IWCT’s charity of the month in May 2022. Members brought along children’s socks and underwear as well as kitchen pans and stationery.


Lastekeskus Tähetorn Kopli Lighthouse

Lastekeskus Tähetorn (Kopli Lighthouse Children’s Center) received €1,500 to cover the annual cost of education activities, camps, birthdays, and arts & craft materials.

  • Non-profit organisation in Kopli, Tallinn
  • Provides 30+ kids with a daily hot meal
  • Staff help with school homework and teach languages incl Estonian, Russian and English
  • The center celebrates group birthdays each month with a small gift
  • Open to children since 2003


IWCT has been supporting Kopli Lighthouse since 2013. Additionally, through the club’s mediation, Kopli was able to buy a new stove in May 2022, donated by Heathmont.


West-Estonia Women’s Support Center and Shelter – Läänemaa Naiste Tugikeskus

The West-Estonian Women’s shelter received € 1,445 for a summer camp.
The shelter and its help center for battered women are situated in Haapsalu.


Tallinna Lastekodu Nõmme keskus, Ema ja Lapse Turvakodu

Ema-ja-lapse-turvakodu Nõmme (Mother and Child Shelter Nõmme) has received €765 for two bunk beds with safety rails.

  • State-financed institution ‘Tallinn’s Children’s Home ‘consists of 14 different units
  • Mother and Child Shelter is one of them (a small shelter for battered women)


IWCT has been supporting Ema-ja-lapse-turvakodu Nõmme since 2006 and it was IWCT’s charity of the month in February 2022. Members brought along sanitary products. Additionally, through the club’s mediation, the Mother and Child shelter in Nõmme was supported with Selver gift cards in February for food and other necessities worth €1000 donated Heathmont.


Vanem Vend, Vanem Õde Big Brother Big Sister

Vanem Vend, Vanem Õde (Big Brother Big Sister) received €750 for recruiting events for new volunteers.

  • Volunteer-based charity organization in Tartu
  • Goal: provide for children from families with different social-economic risks
  • Arrange quality free time-activities
  • One event a month for children and their support-person
  • Offer positive examples of role models


IWCT has been supporting Big Brother, Big Sister since 2017.


Lasnamäe Children's Shelter

Lasnamäe Lastekeskus (Lasnamäe Children’s Center) received €500 for food.

  • The day shelter offers support services to 30 children with physical and/or mental disorders 
  • The night center provides rehabilitation service for 24 children with behavioural problems
  •  Children stay from Monday -Friday while they go to school, returning home at the weekends


IWCT has been supporting Lasnamäe Children’s Center since 2017, and it was IWCT’s charity of the month in March 2022. Members brought along food, children’s underwear, and stationery.

Lasnamäe Lastekeskus https://llk.tln.edu.ee/

Eesti Skautide Ühing (ESÜ) Estonian Scouts

In 2021 Eesti Skautide Ühing (Estonian Scout Association) received €490 for a financial literacy course, meaning young Scouts could learn how to manage finances, budgeting and money matters. As the money wasn’t spent in 2021the association asked to use it this year. Estonian Scout Association (Eesti Skautide Ühing) was founded in 1995.

  • A nationwide youth organization offering non-formal education to young people
  • Goal to create a diverse environment for young people living in Estonia


IWCT has been supporting  the Estonian Scout Association since 2010.

Picture source: skaut.ee website