Charity Update April 2007

Sometimes help is just a phone call away!

I called the company Maxit Estonia, to ask for help for the Väikemõisa Children’s Home. I knew, that they are producing building materials and thought, that may-be they could support us in our work to get the children’s bathrooms renovated. Their decision was fast. Not only are they supporting the Home with all the necessary building materials, but they have also given the Home 10 000 EEK to buy the bathroom-tiles and they will transport everything to the Children’s Home for free.

The director of the Childrens’ Home, Mrs Ilona Eesalu was very surprised and amazed with Maxit Estonia’s fast response. On Wednesday, 25th of April, she came to Tallinn to choose the bathroom-tiles for all three children’s bathrooms together with a representative from Maxit Estonia and the Club.

Maxit Estonia Ltd belongs to an international concern Heidelberg Cement Group, which produces building materials. In Estonia, the company produces ready-mixed cement based products Vetonit, lightweight aggregates and lightweight aggregate products under Fibo-trademark. Maxit Estonia Ltd has daughter-companies in Latvia and Lithuania.

IWCT will send a thank-you letter to the company and we will put up their logo on our web-site.

Our personal Thank you’s go to Mr. Priit Pallum and Mrs. Kristi Puusepp in Maxit Estonia Ltd!

The bathroom renovation project, which IWCT has commited itself to this year and the budget of which was well over 100 000 EEK, will now be considerably smaller. Now we mostly need to collect money for the Home to pay for the renovation work inself.

When I informed the director of the Home, that the Club has collected aprroximately 8000 EEK for the Home with the Murder Mystery event, her response was: „So much already!” This response illustrates, how differently we percieve the amount of money, which for us is maybe not such a big amount.

As the budget is now around 50 000 – 60 000 EEK, we should manage to collect the money through selling many tickets for our Charity-concert in May and by organising the planned events: Disco-party and X-mas Bazaar!!!

Karin Andersen member of IWCT April 26, 2007

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