Charity 2005-2008 Väikemõisa

The International Women’s Club of Tallinn, with your help can improve the living environment for the children of Väikemõisa Small Children’s Home.

The Children’s Home provides a home for approximately 40 children from 0-10 years old. Many have severe physical and mental challenges. Children come to the home from all over Estonia.

We are helping to give some of the most disadvantaged children in Estonia a future.

In 2007, we raised money to renovate the home’s bathrooms, where donated new bathtubs have been installed in rooms which are literally falling apart.

Finally, we would be grateful, as will the children and staff of Viljandi Children’s Home, for ANY support and donations to enable them to improve living conditions!

For more information please contact: Karin Andersen, IWCT Charity Liason

For direct cash donations please transfer funds to: HANSAPANK account no. 22 101 567 9975 Tallinna Rahvusvaheline Naisteklubi.
•Government owned and run children’s home
•35 – 40 children with special needs
•Youngest 3 months, oldest – in teens
•Many have been abandoned by parents with alcohol problems
•The children live in dormitories by age
•There is a play room, a study room, a room kept aired for when the children cannot go out into the grounds
•Staff have been there for a long time except for the Director who is new
•The home has problems financing those children taken in whose parents have not rejected their legal rights and state funding does not cover.
•Available revenue and capital is 100 EEK per child per day!!
•IWCT bought 5 sets of bunk beds for the home in January 2006 from the proceeds of the previous years fundraising efforts.
•In March 2007, IWCT together with City Renault handed over the new mini-buss purchased mostly with funds raised by the IWCT.

Toys, beds, diapers, craft supplies, plastic cups, clothes, socks, combs, hair accessories for girls, children’s books, laudry detergent, other such supplies. For more information see:

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