Charity work 2009

Report at the General Meeting September 7th, 2009

Since October 2008 IWCT became a „Godparent” of a children’s family in Keila SOS Children’s Village and supports its family by donating sums to cover the expences of this family’s everyday life. Godparenting – where an organisation or a company takes 1 family of children under its wing and supports it with money and has personal contacts with children – is a unique project, started in 2005. Until today there are only 3 families out of 12 in Keila SOS Village, who have Godparents – and we are one of them.

Additionally IWCT members have shown personal initiatives to collect and donate used clothes for children and staff of Väikemõisa Small Children’s Home in Viljandi, to collect food for Tallinn Children’s Center enabling them to have extra free money to cover heat expences, to personal contacts and spending time together with our „Godchildren”.

Charity work in 2009
January – donation of playstation-games, clothes, home stuff to Väikemõisa Children’s Home and it’s staff-ladies (personal initiative from members)
February – visit to our „Godfamily” in Keila SOS Children’s Village
February – donation of food to Children’s Day Center „Lighthouse” in Tallinn (personal initiative)
March – transfer of the donation of money to our Family in Keila SOS Children’s Village
April – gifts and candy for Easter to every Godchild and the „Mother” of the family
April – donation of clothes to Väikemõisa Children’s Home staff (personal initiative)
May/June – Godchildren’s visit to the Zoo in Tallinn (personal initiative from members)
June – donation of toys to Kiikla Children’s Home (personal initiative)
June – donation of children’s clothes to Viljandi Town Social Center (personal initiative)

Additional charity goal

The Board has received following proposals from IWCT members for an extra charity goal in 2010, additionally to Keila SOS Children’s Village:
Narva Children’s Orphanage
Narva Children’s Shelter
Sillamäe Children’s Home
Tilsi Children’s Home
Kiikla Children’s Home

The Board of IWCT is working on finding out the more precise details of their needs and will present the requests of help at the February 2010 Annual General Meeting to the members to choose and decide.
More info:
Keila SOS Children’s Village,
Väikemõisa Small Children’s Home,
Children’s Center Tähetorn („Lighthouse”) in Tallinn,
Kiikla Children’s Home,

IWCT donations of used things etc
There are not very many children’s homes/institutions left in Estonia that wish to have donations of used clothes. Maybe times have become better or maybe their need of used clothes has been covered, so nowadays the children’s homes write on the websites mostly about time people could donate to spend together with children in the homes. There are also many requests of help for renovation of buildings and rooms the Orphanages or other children’s institutions are located in. And then there are some special needs, which would be too long to describe here, but will be looked at by the Board and proposals will be put out at the Annual General Meeting.

NB! A risk for IWCT when supporting renovation of buildings and houses which belong to the state, is that the renovation will raise the value of the house the Home is located in and the state/local county will sell it and relocate the institution. Väikemõisa Children’s Home, for example, has stayed in their house only because of the economical crisis and the impossibility to earn any money by selling it.

Donations of used clothes for Keila SOS family is determined by the age of the 6 godchildren. As the needs of Keila children are not so desperate, the main part of the donations has gone to Väikemõisa.

IWCT has for some time supported not only the children in Väikemõisa Children’s Home, but also the staff-ladies, who work there with the donations of used, but proper and nice clothes for women, men and children of all ages. The meaning has been to ease the staff ladies’ life a little to free some extra energy for the children in the Home.

When one day Väikemõsa Children’s Home asks us not to deliver these kind of donations any more, there are other places, where IWCT can help and who would gladly receive some used clothes, for instance, Social Centers in Tallinn and other counties, homeless people centers.
So please don’t throw your things away – they can get a „new life” some other place!
The list of things, which IWCT has collected until now and which has been received gladly, is usually following: clothes for children, women and men; shoes – all kinds for everybody; blankets, plaids and pillows; bath towels of all sizes; kitchen tools and appliances – pots and pans, cutlery, coffee/tea cups; home and living things – starting from candle-sticks to bags to carpets of all sizes.

For donations contact
Karin Andersen
IWCT Charity Liason or, phone 56 244 992

At last an excerpt from a letter to the Club in 2007:
„Main goal for our cooperation for 2006, has been collecting enough money to buy the Children’s Home a new minibus for transporting children to school and back. We have felt your support very strongly, but for us, the best about our cooperation has been the moral support, we have got from you!” „You have been the only organisation, who has been continuously interested in us. We have experienced numerous organisations, who have been interested in helping us in a campaign-form at Christmas-time and we never hear from them again… We do hope, no, we plead, that the Club will decide to stay with us for some years more.” Ilona Eesalu, Väikemõisa Childen’s Home manager, January 2007.

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