Distribution of the proceeds of the 2014 Christmas Bazaar

During the first General Meeting on February 11, 2015, the members of the IWCT decided to allocate the funds, raised at the 2014 Bazaar, as follows:

                                 Total: 34,633

1. SOS Keila


2. Estonian Scouts Association


3. Mother & Child Shelter in Nõmme (1)


4. Peeteli Church Social Center


5. Estonian Foodbank


6. My Dream Day Foundation; applications 1 & 2 combined


7. Children’s Shelter Nõmme


8. Krabi Boarding School


9. Mother & Child Shelter (2); applications 1 & 2 combined


10. Estonian Paralympics Committee


11. Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital


12. Children’s Lighthouse Center


Cash Donations made to the International Women’s Club of Tallinn are income tax deductible:

Private donors may deduct donations made to the IWCT (not more than 5% of declarable income in the same tax period).

Donations made by companies are also tax free, if the total sum donated does not exceed 10% of the previous year´s profit or 3% of the current year´s social tax amount, i.e. 3% of the sum paid out in salaries and benefits. In order to claim these deductions we will need your full name and ID code/Company registration number. This may be sent to us by email or post by filling out the Donations form below, or simply marked into the explanantion of the payment.

If you wish to make a donation to support our charity work:

Tallinna Rahvusvaheline Naisteklubi, Swedbank, account #: EE07 2200 2210 1567 9975

International Transfers:

– Tallinna Rahvusvaheline Naisteklubi, Pikk 37-2,10133 Tallinn, Estonia
– Swedbank, Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X EE072200 22101567 9975

If you know of an organisation that we could support, please forward the IWCT’s Charity Policy and Project Funding application (in Estonian) to this charity. Their application must be received at board@iwct.ee not later than 1 December of any year to be considered for funding in the next year.

Below you will find the links to our Charity Policy as well as application forms.

» Charity Policy in English 2013
» Charity Policy in Estonian 2014
» Charity Application form
» IWCT project report EST

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