International Christmas Bazaar 2019 Results

The funds of IWCT Christmas Bazaar 2019 will be distributed to 12 Estonian charity organisations


The 14th IWCT International Christmas Bazaar that took place on 24th of November 2019 in Tallinn, raised over 35 500 €.

IWCT General meeting form 19th of February 2020 decided to distribute the collected funds to 12 charity organisations in Estonia. With some leftovers from 2018 the total spending on charities will be 35.387,00 €.


  Name of organisation € to be granted
1. SOS Estonia 15.000,00
2. Mother and Child Shelter Nõmme 1.459,00
3. Peeteli Shelter, Kopli 4.063,00
4. Estonian Scout Association 1.000,00
5. Women’s Support Center and Shelter West-Estonia 2.865,00
6. Haiba Children’s Home 2.500,00
7. Children’s Center Lighthouse Kopli 1.510,00
8. MTÜ Vanem Vend Vanem Õde Tartu 750,00
9. Lasnamäe Children’s Center 1.740,00
10. Tartu Children’s Center 2.000,00
11. My Dream Day Foundation 1.500,00
12. Estonian Foodbank 1.000,00
  Total 35.387,00


Most listed organisations are known to IWCT for their previous cooperation.

IWCT has a special and long-term relationship with SOS Estonia since 2008. Therefore, a 

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