Today we are supporting the Bogdan Ljutjuk and Ukrainian centre in Tallinn by promoting their event UKRAINA TOETUSEKS! Film “Sõda ja puuhobune” + ARUTELU. www.facebook.com/events/1042398979672805

You can help with your presence at this event to support Ukraine!

There are several other ways of helping the situation in Ukraine at the moment, the most important one is donating money: https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/ https://www.pagulasabi.ee/ukraina-abistamine

The Bogdan Ljutjuk and Ukrainian centre in Tallinn are buying medical and other supplies if needed or transferring money to dedicated places and organisations in Ukraine, which of course are checked in advance.

Seansi piletitulu kanname MTÜ Ukraina Kultuurikeskusele.

Kui soovid toetada, tee ülekanne MTÜ Ukraina Kultuurikeskus kontole SEB-s EE401010220229090221. Makse selgituseks kirjuta “Ukraina heaks! + annetaja nimi”.


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