What a beautiful weekend in Söömaa National Park followed by overnight in Raistiko Talu

IWCT members, families and  friends enjoyed a beautiful weekend in Söömaa National Park guided by our excellent nature guide Edu Kuill from soomaa.com

We had a lot of fun and learned quite some things on the way: the traditional Soomaa dugouts were (and still are) made from cottonwood that grows in the mixed forests of Soomaa. Beware of the witchcraft of a rowan tree, lindens are associated with the female side of the world, oaks with the male side and bear dens can be found behind the root balls of fallen trees.

This fantastic day was followed by overnight in Raistiko Talu, the most beautiful farmhouse ever. It was so much fun! We celebrated a kids birthday party, had an egg hunt, grill, sauna and to finish off the weekend – fireworks! If you want to experience Estonia’s beautiful nature, this is the place, it is only 27km to Viljandi. Maimu who was a previous President of IWCT was the perfect host, we will be back soon!

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