IWCT members & families visited Haiba children’s shelter with donations of food, school supplies, clothes and household items.

Haiba kids & guardians show their appreciation through music & games!
IWCT members & families visited Haiba children’s shelter, our charity partner for the month of May. We brought along donations of school supplies, clothes, household items and food. IWCT has supported Haiba since 2013 and from fundraising at our annual Christmas Bazaar in 2021, IWCT was able to donate €2,500 to Haiba children’s home this year.
Haiba supports 5 groups of 6 related children ‘families’. Each family is provided with 24-hour supervision and an adult presence from birth until graduation at 18 years of age. Our President Sophie commended the hard work and effort of both the children through their studies, and guardians through their unwavering support, kindness and commitment to these kids.
We at IWCT are very happy to have Haiba as a charity partner. Big, big thanks also goes to our charity liaison Karin T. Andersen for keeping such strong relationships with our charities & for organising our visit.
Today we enjoyed a warm welcome, mini brunch, music, games, chats with the staff as well as stories from the kids. If you would like to donate please go to

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