Another successful general meeting and International Christmas Bazaar /Charity update.

On behalf of our club members I would like to thank the board of IWCT for always showing great enthusiasm and being willing to jump in wherever our charity partners, members or supporters need assistance. That kind of leadership really helps our club  stay motivated. Together we are excited about our upcoming International Christmas Bazaar, and knowing the  positive financial effect all our efforts has when it comes to our charity partners is really a great motivator. Next year IWCT celebrates 30 years in Estonia and this Christmas will be our 17th consecutive Christmas bazaar, not even the pandemic stopped our club reaching it’s goals and honouring commitments to our charities. If you would like to volunteer or support by donating to the International Christmas bazaar please write to 
Thank you!
Communications team. 
*General Meeting tonight with 21 members present. Charity partner update and ICB22 planning at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Tallinn  
Thank you to the team at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Tallinn   for their annual support of the International Christmas Bazaar, delicious food and great service at our annual meetings. 

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