Always a warm welcome at Haiba Lastekeskus :)

Not alone did the staff update us about the welfare of the kids, they also shared with us ‘good news’ stories to pass along to you. Haiba kids have continued to practise music, and are now playing a variety of instruments to the elderly in the local hospital. Plus this month the teenagers from the group of 24 kids, attended forest camps run by the Laagri Police force. There they learnt real-life skills, which I am sure will stand to them in the future.
On another note when you visit a charity partner, you also get to meet the local community & have fun. IWCT kids joined the kids from Haiba at the local fair. Our visits are really important, we get to connect & be part of something great. Thanks to Karen for arranging and to all who donated.
If you would like to donate to IWCT details can be found here
Tallinna Rahvusvaheline Naisteklubi, Swedbank, account #: EE072200 2210 1567 9975

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