April Meeting for Newbees

We welcomed our new members with a special meeting at 👉 Cafè Gourmet in Kadriorg. Our welcome committee Rachel and Judit explained what our club is about and how things work. But we also had enough time to chat and exchange ideas. The subject of the day has been: Name three positive things, that you experienced today. This is always a good thing to do especially in stressy times. It helps you to focus. 

So let us know in the comments about your positive things. 👇

Join the club?

The International Women’s Club of Tallinn is a NGO and engages in helping women to settle in Estonia and in fund-raising activities that will benefit Estonian charities. You are very welcome to join our Club. You can visit two social gatherings like this one before becoming a full member. Please 👉 send us an email with your request. For more information 👉 check out our website.

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