About the Club

Teretulemast! Welcome!

If you are visiting this site because you are new to Tallinn and are considering joining the International Women’s Club of Tallinn: welcome to Tallinn and Estonia! We hope you and your family will enjoy living in this interesting and beautiful country most of us, for a couple of years, call ‘home’. Joining the IWCT means you will meet women who have been in the same situation. They will gladly help you find the right school for your child(ren), the ‘perearst’ (family physician) that fits your family, recommend a hairdresser, a supermarket, share their favorite restaurant, etc., in short: assist with all the important and less important details that together may help your settling in easier. To get an idea of our activities, have a look at ‘Events & activity groups’.

If you are visiting the site because you would like to know more about our charity work or how to support us, please look under ‘Charity & International Christmas Bazaar’ and ‘IWCT eesti keeles’. We have always felt strongly that we should give back to our host-country and decided to focus on charities in Estonia that improve the lives of women and children in need. The results of our International Christmas Bazaars, organized since 2006 in close cooperation with the majority of the Embassies in Estonia, and other fundraising events before that time can be found here.

Finally, charities which are looking for our support: please also read ‘IWCT eesti keeles’ to learn how the IWCT might be able to help you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via board@iwct.ee. We look forward to hearing from you!

Nicole Dennis

The Club was established in 1993 by 4 expat women, as of June 2022 IWCT has 70 members from 26 nationalities.


  1. To help women who arrive in Estonia to settle in to their new surroundings and to meet other women.
  2. To enable our members to understand and appreciate Estonian culture, traditions and history through contact with other Estonians and visits to places of interest.
  3. To engage in fund-raising activities that will benefit Estonian charities.



For 28 years the International Women’s Club of Tallinn has been right at the heart of the Estonian community. Working with and financially supporting (through fundraising) the most needy and vulnerable in society. We are 52 international volunteers from 28 countries committed to nominated charities including SOS Kelia, Lasnamäe children’s home and Kopli Lastekeskus Tähetorn to name a few. This significant work cannot happen without the help and assistance of our supporters and sponsors. We are in challenging times and realising the same fundraising commitment to our charities is a difficult task, one we will embrace. That is why this year our take on the long established International Christmas bazaar will change slightly. Our volunteers are motivated and ready to adapt, we are focusing on primarily the most in need of protection (financially) to survive 2021.  It may not be obvious the needs of the underprivileged in our society, however, we can tell you that the fundraising last year meant families in need in our charities could receive hot food to their homes during the crisis 2020, children being home schooled received food and education supplies each week to supplement what they would normally have received in school. This IWCT could achieve, these are the things that matter the most. We really have no idea how the crisis will affect this generation of vulnerable children, but we will not stand by and do nothing.  IWCT is there to distribute care and support but we can only do this with your help. We raise funds for Estonian charities: focusing on (but not restricted to) children’s and women’s charities such as children’s homes, shelters, etc., in accordance with our Charity Policy. Please read about our story to charity here.

Excursions and tours

We normally meet two to three times a month. We offer our members a variety of events, a visit to a historical place of interest, a factory or possibly a guided tour.

Guest Speakers

We invite guest speakers to our social activities in order to know more about the country and society we live in.

Coffee Morning, Lunch, Dinner

A tradition to get together once a month for a coffee morning is enjoyed by many. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is a good place to introduce new members.

Lunch is a good time to catch up with our working members and to explore new restaurants in Tallinn.

Dinner: every now and then we enjoy a relaxed meal. Occasionally our spouses and/or friends are welcome to share these events with us.

Interest Groups

Yoga, (Nordic) walking, book club, craft group, running, baby and toddler group, badminton, swimming and more to come! See more under Events & activity groups.
We encourage members to start-up new interest groups.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at board@iwct.ee

Nicole Dennis (U.S.A.) – President

Judit Orosz-Simon (Hungary) – Vice-President

Andrea Magony-Toth (Hungary) – Treasurer

Melanie Güllich (Germany) – Social Events Organiser

Juliana Varpiola (Moldova) – Secretary

Karin Andersen (Estonia) – Charity Liaison

To join our club email: secretary@iwct.ee