Christmas 2020 will look different and feel different, but you can contribute little or big to support one of the most special charity events in Estonia: the 15th International Christmas Bazaar. Hear Christmas greetings from our members. Support charity organisations that work to improve the life and well-being of women and children in Estonia. Every Euro counts! Outdoor Christmas Bazaar on 29 November 2020 in Balti Jaama Turg Online Auction on Call 900-AITA or 900-2482 for a 5€ donation Information about cash donations on Merry Christmas! Häid jõule! #ICB2020

An Urban Poling/Nordic Walking Lecture and Learn today with four ladies from the International Women’s Club of Tallinn. An American, Hungarian, German and South Korean plus, me; Carol . A walk, a stretch and yeah, we’re done! (November 2020)

Thank you everybody for making this year’s Halloween unforgettable!
The costumes were amazing, the bubbles were magical, and the atmosphere was spooky! 🥳👻🎃
I would like to thank Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia for hosting us, it couldn’t have been such an amazing party without their warm hospitality! I’d like to thank you, the guests who donated to our charity box, we collected 8.25 euros! If you would like to donate more to the wellbeing of Estonian women and children in need please visit our homepage at And last, but not least, a big thanks to Rachel, our vice-president for bringing this wonderful Irish tradition to Estonia, and Judit, our social events coordinator for organizing the party.  (October 2020)

Bubble exhibition by Simon Fortune

The International Women’s Club of Tallinn is proud to announce as part of our new three pillar approach to fundraising for our Estonian charity partners, that this year with the generous support of Balti Jaama Turg and, the International Christmas Bazaar will take place online via and on the 29th of November as an outdoor event in Balti Jaama Turg (from 12 noon until 16.00).


New to the IWCT calendar of events; swimming group Mondays from 1330-1430 at the Pirita Marina Hotel and Spa, all levels of swimmers welcome. If you do not know how to swim here is your opportunity to learn!!! Nicole is a certified swim instructor, she has taught swimming to all levels from kids ages 2.  

With the money raised at last years International Christmas Bazaar, IWCT was able to support My Dream Day Foundation to organise their big family dream day for seriously ill children on the 5th of September. Please enjoy the video footage. This is our motivation to try our best for this year’s International Christmas Bazaar, which will take place on the 29th of November in Balti Jaama Turg # ICB2020 ❤️ (October 2020)


Qué noche tan buena; what a great night in Hispaania Maja (Spanish House).  Spanish cooking lessons accompanied by fine wine, all in the atmospheric building which one was Sprinckthal summer manor. (September 2020)

A big, big, big thanks from the kids in Lastekeskus Tahertorn (Kopli Lighthouse Children’s Center) for the IWCT members donation of pens, pencils and school supplies to help them return to school There are 32 kids attending this center, ages 7 – 15 years (a few of the kids below).   Judit (IWCT Social Secretary) very kindly delivered them today! (September 2020)

‘Welcome back ladies lunch’ after the summer break! Great to see everyone healthy & happy in the old town’s most famous courtyard restaurant. For those who couldn’t make it, we miss you girls! (August 2020) #IWCT — at Hotel Telegraaf

IWCT board meeting ‘back in action’ discussing activities including the International Christmas Bazaar (ICB first meeting 02.09 Clayhills 18.00), ‘Welcome Back’ lunch next Friday, September AGM & ICB Embassy meeting. Looking forward to seeing you all after the summer break! (August 2020)

IWCT kids happy summer days, enjoying a picnic and playing at the new Reidi tee promenade in Tallinn (July 2020)

For 26 years the International Women’s Club of Tallinn has been right at the heart of the Estonian community. Working with and financially supporting (through fundraising) the most needy and vulnerable in society. We are 62 international volunteers from 27 countries committed to 12 nominated charities including SOS Kelia, Lasnamäe children’s home and Kopli Lastekeskus Tähetorn to name a few. This significant work cannot happen without the help and assistance of our supporters and sponsors. We are in challenging times and realising the same fundraising commitment to our charities is a difficult task, one we will embrace. That is why this year our take on the long established International Christmas bazaar will change slightly. Our volunteers are motivated and ready to adapt, we are focusing on primarily the most in need of protection (financially) to survive 2021. Our strategy is to still kindly request support from you, both financially and through gifts (vouchers, prizes), so our long-time customers (up to 4,000 people attend our one day open event – International Christmas Bazaar) can still buy or donate cash (online) and make a difference to our charity partners. For this reason, we are asking please to dig deep and manage to find funds to help us do our job in 2021 and assist women and children desperately in need across Estonia.  It may not be obvious the needs of the underprivileged in our society, however, we can tell you that the fundraising last year meant families in need in our charities could receive hot food to their homes during the crisis 2020, children being home schooled received food and education supplies each week to supplement what they would normally have received in school. This IWCT could achieve, these are the things that matter the most. We really have no idea how the crisis will affect this generation of vulnerable children, but we will not stand by and do nothing.  IWCT is there to distribute care and support but we can only do this with your help.

Please donate today

Speak to us anytime (English, Estonian and Russian): (July 2020)

IWCT would like to thank Baltic Clean OÜ for the generous donation of sheets, work clothes, blankets and pillows.  All of the items will be taken to local women’s and children’s charities.  In attendance; IWCT President Nicole Dennis, Charity Liaison Karin Andersen, Tiina Fiverger  and some young assistants, who helped to pack and delivered the items. (July 2020)
Summer fun in Tallinn; IWCT Summer lunch at Oko Restaurant (along the beach in Vimsi).  Great to get together with friends, looking forward to more IWCT outdoor events during the summer! There is no place like Estonia for nature and scenery at this time of the year, just beautiful! (June 2020)
IWCT ‘friendship and support’ of members during the Crisis 2020.
IWCT club has been enterprising and launched successful online events during the crisis period, so that we can connect with as many people as possible, and keep the spirit of friendship and support high. We achieved this through WhatsApp Forum, closed Facebook page, Zoom fitness, coffee morning’s, afternoon ‘Quaran- tea’, cocktail evenings,  kids hour and online English learning courses. We also held a ‘General Meeting’ picture below!

IWCT Charity fund update ‘Crisis May 2020’ IWCT received a video message from the Director of the Kopli Children’s Lighthouse Centre, expressing a very special thanks for the hard work IWCT carried out fundraising at our annual International Christmas Bazaar, this meant families in need in our community could receive hot food during the crisis.

IWCT Charity fund update ‘Crisis April 2020’  
Our club has been actively helping our charity partners since the beginning of the crisis. One of the first to receive our support was the IWCT ‘God family’ at Keila SOS Children’s Village. IWCT Charity liaison Karin (with the support of members) reached out with the understanding that now Keila SOS children are home schooling,  more food is needed each week. Keila SOS has been an annual IWCT recipient of funding since 2008.  IWCT also supports 12 other institutions throughout the year.

Delivery of food to SOS Keila during Crisis 2020

What a beautiful International Women’s Day lunch, over 20 women from 13 different countries! #iwct
Having fun, chatting, eating and celebrating at the Centennial Hotel Tallinn. This hotel was built to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Estonian’s independence.  It’s so good!
We had a great time today at the Austrian Residence! Thank you Karin for hosting us, and thank you Patrick for the very interesting facts about the history of our city, Tallinn.
Not to mention the delicious lunch! (March 2020)
Did you know the 18th century is known as the tea century? During this time tea takes over silk as China’s #1 commodity :0 What an amazing day at the Chinese Ambassador’s residence! Thank you Mrs Sun Peng & the consulate team! I love China’s national drink ♡ #iwct (March 2020)
So much fun at Surakas Vodka tasting in Farm Restaurant, Tallinn. It was great to learn about Estonian Vodka drinking culture in such a beautiful restaurant. Thank you Aivar Lipp of & the team at Farm Restaurant, both companies are supporters of the International Womens Club of Tallinn charity fund. 
Thank you Clayhills Gastro Pub for a great night! ‘#ICB 2019 – that’s a wrap’ party. A special thank you to the team, supporters & all involved! Looking forward to International Christmas Bazaar November 2020 (January 2020 )
We had a great family morning at Tsirkus Folie today, thank you everybody for coming! See you next time! Tsirkus Folie is a supporter of the International Womens Club of Tallinn charity fund. (February 2020)
IWCT Family Japanese theme night at Kampai, the food was great, the company was excellent! (January)
We were invited to the ‘Thank you’ event organized by SOS (one of 12 charities IWCT supports each year). It was a very touching event, with singing and dancing performances, all to thank IWCT & our supporters, we could not do it without you! The Club is one of the most respected supporters in Estonia, IWCT club members can be very proud of this accolade! (January 2020)