We had a fabulous Kazakh culture and cuisine tasting event hosted by our Kazakh member Gulzira. Everything was homemade and delicious, and we were transported away thousands of kilometers into a world of Qazi and Qurt. Thank you, Gulzira, for your excellent hospitality.
Here is a list of the delicacies that we enjoyed:
1. Jent is prepared from talkan (coarse flour from fried barley or wheat), milk, butter, sugar, honey, and raisins.
2. Irimshik – sweet cottage cheese
3. Qazi- horse meat
4. Baursak- traditional bread
5. Qurt – is a fermented milk product that is prepared from salted sour clotted milk
There were 2 different pies :
1. Beef and vegetable pie
2. “Sweet oriental fairy tale pie”
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